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Pageheat added to backlinkspeed 2.0

Posted 2010-07-19 in General

Here is a little pageheat news that was never reported over a couple months ago. Pageheat was added to BacklinkSpeed 2.0 windows software database. BacklinkSpeed is one of the easiest automatic
backlink submission tools packed with over
3,150 backlink sites.  It was created by the ksoft company who is based out of trenton, NJ. You can find more information about this product here at their website dummysoftware.com.

Traffic Spikes Cause Brief Downtime

Posted 2010-01-01 in General

We experienced some database issues this morning that may have caused problems with the website and ranking tools for several hours. The immediate issues have been sorted out and we're looking into prevention.On the technical side of things, we're seeing performance issues with our sessions database as traffic grows. We're serving up millions of hits now and sometimes have several thousand session transactions occurring within an hour - or worse, minutes!Hopefully this little bump in the road...

New Image for PageHeat Display Tool

Posted 2009-12-12 in General

A new graphic is available for the PageHeat display tool, we hope you like it! It's a little bit larger, and we hope it will merge well with more Web 2.0 sites and modern blog themes.Look out for more changes as we ramp up for a few more improvements in PageHeat's algorithm and indexing structure.Can you suggest any designs for future display graphics you'd like to have?

PageHeat Index Gets a Boost

Posted 2009-06-05 in General

PageHeat underwent a few changes last night that introduced new data to our index. We're now moving into the second phase of updates to PageHeat that will increase the accuracy and breadth of our site rating system. A fundamental part of this process is gathering more data.Currently PageHeat is based on two key realms of data analysis: visitor traffic and link popularity. While these are inarguably two of the most fundamental qualities of a website's success, one of our goals with PageHeat is...

Top Rated Websites and Latest Sites Added

Posted 2009-05-18 in General

In the first wave of additions to PageHeat, we have added a few new sections to the site. The top 100 sites as rated by PageHeat can now be found in the Top 100 Sites section. You can also see the 100 most recent sites added to our index and keep an eye on our movement.Do you have an idea for statistics you would like to see? Let us know!

PageHeat Officially Launched

Posted 2009-05-18 in General

Greetings everyone, and welcome to PageHeat - the unique new website rating system. PageHeat combines the most important factors in Web search and site popularity into one simple rating system. This is the first "official" post on our brand new blog. PageHeat has just been released and we're gathering stats like crazy. You can skip right to the heat checker to see your site's PageHeat, check out our site tools for Webmasters, read more about PageHeat, and write to us with your feedback and bug...